I am tired of seeing those ‘coexist’ bumper stickers.  You know- the ones with all the different religious symbols making up the letters of the word.  Not that coexisting is a bad thing.  It’s the message that the bumper sticker actually gives that wears me out.

Follow me here.

The message of the bumper sticker is that religions should all be getting along.  The de-facto idea is that NONE of the differences you have should override getting along.  The sticker’s idea would be that whatever it is that you disagree on should be ‘set’ aside for peace’s sake.  Not that you can’t believe that- just don’t insist on it.

And that is my problem.  See, an owner of said bumper sticker is saying that the religious person’s ideas are causing problems because they insist on them.  The owner sees the solution in the form of ‘insisting’ on their own ideas!  In essence, they aren’t saying ‘Coexist,’ they are saying ‘Submit!’  Specifically, submit to how they see the world should work.

Wasn’t that their problem in the first place?

5 thoughts on “Coexist

  1. I am so glad that I am not alone on this one! There is such an increasing intolerance for the foundational truth that built this country…it is sad and sickening that in the name of “tolerance”, that people are becoming intolerant for the things of God! Sigh…I know…this does NOT surprise God in any way.

    Seeing all these Coexist stickers made me think of a bumper sticker that I would love to see on my car: “”When we offend everybody, we’ve declared truth without grace. When we offend nobody, we’ve watered down truth in the name of grace.” ~ Randy Alcorn ~

  2. When I run into this issue with my friends, we get into some arguments sometimes that aren’t pretty. From what I have seen with talking with others is that it is the people out there at UT who are screaming TURN OR BURN, and stuff of that sort that turns them off of Christianity.

    However, I agree with you in that admitting defeat of your religious views just to get away from a disagreement is wrong and weak. Thanks Pinkner. See ya at Crossroads in the fall.

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